The Manifestation Wall

The wall physically is a set of three 4’x8’ white, fabric covered panels. Functionally, it is a place where visitors can partake in a more outward expression in the sharing of their desires. While the Manifestation Station provides an overt opportunity for exploring one’s desires and dreams in an intimate manner through interaction, and the Manifestation Pagoda provides a private, more internal opportunity for exploring one’s aspirations through contemplation and writing of ones desires and depositing them in the Manifestation Box, the wall provides an opportunity for public expression of ones wishes and actually brings physicality to them through words and pictures.

Posted on the wall panels are 3 statements about manifestation. These serve as primers, getting visitors thinking about what they want to create and share.

Manifestation Wall image
A selection of colored pens are provided so that visitors can then write their dreams, draw their visions and be creative in their publicly viewable expression of their internal desires, yet to be brought forth into the physical world. The writing here can serve as that first step in bringing them into the physical, an essential part of the process of manifestation. Additionally, the writing mimics, on some level, the writing that happens on the Burning Man temple. So, fittingly, on the night of the Temple burn, the fabric from the wall and all the expressions depicted will also be burned with the Manifestation Box contents, returning the all the contributions to the earth and air, serving as fertilizer, nurturing the growth of these seeds.
Flourish image
Flourish image