The Manifestation Box

At Camp Manifestation we have available a great opportunity for one to be intentional about what one wants to create in one's life - The Manifestation Box! This box resides in our beautiful pagoda in which visitors can take time, contemplate and if they desire, write their dreams, wishes, intentions and anything they can image they want to manifest and place them in the box.

What do you want to create or manifest in your life, in this world, for yourself and for others? Do you know you can manifest anything that you can conceive?

Contemplating this visitors have this opportunity to delve into their visions and whatever they imagine they want to create. Little slips of paper are available with the box on which to write these dreams and then place the in the box. On the night of the Temple burn, the paper in this box (as well as the fabric with publicly written desires from our Manifestation Wall) and all the desires so written will be burned, returning the ideas, intentions and wishes to the ether, where manifestation starts, in thought, as the idea of the dreamer.

Manifest the heart's desire!
Flourish image
Flourish image