Bedouin Tents

Bedouin tents come from people of the middle east of centuries past, and are an amazing structure used to keep cool in the heat of the desert and as gathering spaces for offering hospitality. Camp Manifestation adapted them from a Santa Cruz camp that hosted Jed for his first 2 years at Burning Man. They were used as the main communal structures where gatherings occurred and where kitchen's and dinning areas were set up.

This type of communal structure was used for the camp's first three years, in 2005, 2006 and 2007. They started as very organically created dwellings and evolved to much more structured and larger spaces to accommodate more people and provide a cozier, more aesthetically pleasing space.


This being the first year of the camp, and therefore the first year of erecting a Bedouin Tent, the process of constructing it was based on minimal knowledge. It was a very rudimentary structure that, though it was fragile, served its purpose. The space was cozy, yet open to the elements.

Bedouin Tent 2005 Bedouin Tent 2005 Bedouin Tent 2005


The second year of the camp called for an evolution of the space. A larger tent was constructed that had a bit more structure. It was still open to the elements, but provided the necessary shade and held the space for the camp nicely.

Bedouin Tent 2006 Bedouin Tent 2006 Bedouin Tent 2006


The third year of the camp brought to bare experience from the 2 years past. Also, the number of camp members increased so a larger space was needed. A much more structured tent was envisioned and created to support this evolving community. This space was a beautiful, circus tent-like structure with a billowy canopy and side panels for more protection from the elements.

Bedouin Tent 2007 Bedouin Tent 2007 Bedouin Tent 2007
Flourish image
Flourish image