2019 Creation & Planning

Welcome to the 2019 creation and planning page! Please visit this page often for the latest information about our progress, what is needed, what is happening and what is upcoming. Feel free to let us know if you want to contribute anything, including support on anything on this page or new ideas not currently represented.

This year Camp Manifestation and The Imaginarium continue and evolve!!

The Imaginarium!!

A place for whimsy, wonder and experiential delights, The Imaginarium is the centerpiece of our interactive offerings to denizens of Black Rock City. Visitors to the Imaginarium pass through the grand hand-painted entrance - a fine piece of art in its own right - into a lavishly appointed chill space that serves as an orpheum, or experience hall, for this year's installation.

The Imaginarium in 2019!!

Coming Soon!!

- Temple Burning Ceremony - on the night of the temple burn we will have a ceremony (location and time will be posted on the Manifestation Wall) in which the paper in the Manifestation Box and Wall, and all the desires so written, will be burned: the ideas, intentions, and wishes thus returned to the ether.

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Coming soon!

Maintenance To Be Done

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Coming soon!
Flourish image
Flourish image