Your Favorite Art Piece

Jed Zilberberg's Favorite
The Temple of Gravity - 2003

The Temple of Gravity Photo

My first year on the playa I got to find my favorite piece of all time. Nothing has ever topped it. Many have come close, and this tops them all still. Check out the site about the at the link above. Make sure to watch the mind blowing video at the bottom of the page, especially the last one. In the photo of this piece you get a good perspective on scale and a particular aspect of this piece's amazingness in looking at the size of the people relative to the size of the stone slabs. Notice that the slabs begin and rise up starting at the level of the head of the man in the gray shirt in the lower, middle of the photo. From that level, if you want to get on the piece, which why wouldn't you want to, you have to somehow get yourself up that lowest point at head level to start climbing up the slab. So cool and ridiculous!!

Kevin Hawks's Favorite
Nexus Sound Camp 10 & Esplanade - 2010

Nexus Sound Camp 10 & Esplanade Photo

In 2010 the Nexus sound camp was the place to hang out on the playa. A massive three story adult jungle gym complete with bar, hammocks, swinging beds, all sorts of rings, poles, chains, ladders, chain ladders and bridges connecting various platforms that spanned out from the DJ dome. In the middle was a stage with trapeze curtains and rings and the main entrance was underneath the towering pyrosphere. The whole thing had beautiful white flags along top that shown brightly during the day and reflected the lights of the night. Truely interactive art.
Flourish image
Flourish image