What To Bring

Many of you are old camp members and know about this stuff, and many are new so I want to ensure you all have the information below. This will help your planning, packing and preparation.

What You Need to Bring:

  • Obviously, all your personal items for your time out there – see Elisabeth Geddes'’s great packing list if you need one or this more basic one.
  • Beyond this, bring a plate, bowl, knife, fork, spoon and cups/mugs and water bottles and/or camel backs for your personal use. All other kitchen items will be provided.
  • A small supply of water for yourself. Other than that, all water for drinking, showering and dish washing will be provided. This small supply of water is for emergency and travel. I do recommend that everyone bring 1 or 2 of the 2.5 gallon jugs you can get at any market. These will allow you to have water in your personal dwelling. This container can be refilled as much as needed from the camp water supply (see Amenities for more information).
  • Any food, booze, beer and wine you would like to contribute to the camp.
Flourish image
Flourish image