The Camp Theme

The theme of 'manifestation' is expressed within our camp deeply as a camp we encourage and support people to examine the process of manifestation. In so doing one can come to find that each person is unique in their expression in the world and therefore what they manifest. Who you are - what you are designed for - is the primary force that empowers you to make your ideas come to pass. By aligning oneself with that design one can thrive. Then the sharing of what one creates in the world becomes a natural expression.

The camp has 3 main theme offerings which can be used individually, or in progression. Each offering has its own dynamics. All present the opportunity to explore what manifestation is and what each visitor specifically envisions for their life.
  • Manifestation Pagoda image The Manifestation Pagoda provides a private, more internal opportunity for exploring one’s aspirations through contemplation and writing of ones desires and depositing them in the Manifestation Box
  • Manifestation Wall image The The Manifestation Wall provides an opportunity for public expression of ones wishes and actually brings physicality to them through words and pictures
  • Manifestation Wall image The Manifestation Station provides an overt opportunity for exploring one’s desires and dreams in an intimate manner through interaction
The theme of our camp embodies the very heart of what Burning Man is about. By involving new members of the community in our activities and our camp in general, we will be fostering and promoting Burning Man values. Radical self-expression is fully encouraged in our offerings, calling on participants to dig deep into the heart of what they want to create in the world which is, in the realization of those desires, expressed in the world. Radical inclusion is promoted by giving everyone including newer burners multiple opportunities to engage and be included to our community.
Flourish image
Flourish image