The Manifestation Station

The station is an interactive booth modeled after a Peanuts “The Doctor Is In” booth. Through depth and whimsy, the station provides the opportunity for visitors to sit with a consultant, a camp member, to receive ‘visioning help’. While the Manifestation Pagoda provides a private, more internal opportunity for exploring one’s aspirations through contemplation and writing of ones desires and depositing them in the Manifestation Box, and the Manifestation Wall provides an opportunity for public expression of ones wishes and actually brings physicality to them through words and pictures, the station provides an overt opportunity for exploring one’s desires and dreams in an intimate manner through interaction.

Given that one of the steps in the process of manifestation is verbalizing one’s desires, having a place and structure where one can, maybe for the first time, bring their ideas out of their head and flesh them out, having the opportunity to choose to actively engage in this discussion, can be a very powerful step.

For our camp members/consultants the station provides the opportunity for contribution, even if one knows nothing directly about the process of manifestation. Simply being present, creating the space for a visitor to speak into is useful and powerful, by creating an occasion for discussion which may not have otherwise been initiated.

Additionally, the opportunity for interaction is created for both the consultant and visitor and without interaction, there is no creation. Interaction can be experienced in many forms, and in this context, and the context of Burning Man, interaction usually leads to fun, deep, connected, satisfying and sometimes zany conversations and interpersonal connections.

Manifestation Station image Manifestation Station image

At the station one can simply have a conversation with one of our consultants, or engage in a number of other activities. Though there are structured activities, this coming together is a truly creative process for both the consultant and visitor. So, what occurs between them is wholly organic and spontaneous. To facilitate this interaction and evoking, some of the more structured options include having a tarot reading or writing a letter to oneself that will be mailed to all letter writers by our camp mate, Brook Terhune, a year from the time of writing.

The letter writing opportunity proved in its first year in 2014 as part of the camp offering, to be quite popular, useful and moving for many visitors. The opportunity provides visitor the option to be totally expressed and speak to their future self as if they have created everything in their life that they desire. This process actually serves one in the present, more than the future self that will receive the letter. Given one can only ever be in the now, the letter writing to a future self opens the flow of creativity and possibility for what one wants to be now, allowing one to envision this now, in a way that one maybe never would have allowed before. There is transformative power in experiencing oneself as whole in the present and reporting this to a future self then creates confirmation, validation and perspective.

"COMPASSION: Notice that any time you come into right now, right now is tremendously simple. You lose all of your agendas to be somewhere else, to be something, or to get somewhere. Right here is totally adequate. You know you are not a problem to be solved, and neither is your neighbor or the world. This is revolutionary for this current state of human consciousness. Can you imagine if you really let it in that you are not a problem to be solved in any way? Imagine you knew that anything that would tell you otherwise is just a movement of thought in the mind that says, 'Whatever is, isn't the way it is supposed to be.' So the biggest act of compassion starts within. And when the self is no longer seen as a problem, this is called 'the peace that surpasses all understanding.'"
— Excerpt From “Emptiness Dancing” by ADYASHANTI.
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