2015 Creation & Planning

Welcome to the 2015 creation and planning page! Please visit this page often for the latest information about our progress, what is needed, what is happening and what is upcoming. Feel free to let us know if you want to contribute anything, including support on anything on this page or new ideas not currently represented.

Timeline  |   Maintenance to be Done  |   Projects


Date Item
March 29th, 2015 First Camp Meeting - 6220 Baker St., Oakland
March 4 - April 30 Submit camp placement application
July 12th, 2015 - 11am Camp Work Day - Just the one!
July Find out about Camp Placement results - That was dicey, but we got it! 6:15 & H
→ Monday, August 24 Pick up truck and load from the storage unit
Tuesday, August 25 Load truck and depart for Reno - Stay the night
Wednesday, August 26 Leave Reno for the Playa!
August 26-30 Build Camp Manifestation and chill after!!
August 30-Sept 6 BURN!
Monday, Sept 7 - Tuesday, September 8 Strike Camp
Tuesday, September 8 Depart for Reno - Stop at Pyramid Lake for a swim!!
Tuesday, September 8 Depart for Reno - Stay the night
Wednesday, September 9 Depart Reno for home
Wednesday, September 9 Unload trucks
Thursday, September 10 Clean trucks
Friday, September 11 Return trucks

Maintenance To Be Done

Task Location or Person
Booth upright pole - Repair Jed's house
Camp Sign - Repair or make new TBD
Carpets - Re-tape edges Storage
Cooler Shelves - Create new Jed's house
Dome PVC - Re-zip-tie and re-bundle Storage
Design Pendants TBD
Inventory and repair/re-bend dome and monkey hut rebar LPC
Monkey hut footing beam - Create replacement Jed's house
Shower Curtain - Repair Elisabeth


Project Location or Person
Flourish image
Flourish image