2018 Creation & Planning

Welcome to the 2018 creation and planning page! Please visit this page often for the latest information about our progress, what is needed, what is happening and what is upcoming. Feel free to let us know if you want to contribute anything, including support on anything on this page or new ideas not currently represented.
This year Camp Manifestation transforms in to The Imaginarium!!

The Imaginarium!!

A place for whimsy, wonder and experiential delights, The Imaginarium is the centerpiece of our interactive offerings to denizens of Black Rock City. Visitors to the Imaginarium pass through the grand hand-painted entrance - a fine piece of art in its own right - into a lavishly appointed chill space that serves as an orpheum, or experience hall, for this year's installation.

In honor of the Burning Man 2018 theme "I, Robot" the Imaginarium's Synthetic Sensations installation invites visitors to "hack" their everyday experience of what is natural, and see how even artificial experiences can provoke genuine expressions of humanity and joy.

Once inside the Imaginarium visitors sit under a canopy of cybernetic trees, peering at an ever-changing sky while electronic fireflies wink in and out as the simulated sounds of nature surround them. Using various projections and A/V effects, the sky will turn from bright day-lit blue with white fluffy clouds to a violent thunderstorm, then to a clear starry blanket of night, before the azure sky transforms completely into its earth-bound mirror image: a tranquil underwater kingdom. Deep below rippling waters lies a synthetic wonder for the ears and ears, but those are not the only senses to be "hacked" in our synthetic wonderland. At regular times throughout the week (day and night), guests will be treated to other synthetic delights: for synthetic touch we offer machines to simulate the healing touch or massage, or to vibrate in synthetic titillation. To delight the taste buds, we offer a "flavor tripping" experience wherein guests apply modern science and technology to make even familiar foods taste like something else entirely. It's a synthetic feast for the senses.


- *Synthetic Sky* (Ongoing A/V "Nature" projections)
- *Flavor Tripping* (Food, Science & taste bud hacking party)
- *Synthahol Cocktail Hour* (Science and technology-aided inebriation) (21+)
- *Pleasure Machines* (Both G-rated massage and adults-only sessions.)
- Temple Burning Ceremony - on the night of the temple burn we will have a ceremony (location and time will be posted on the Manifestation Wall) in which the paper in the Manifestation Box and Wall, and all the desires so written, will be burned: the ideas, intentions, and wishes thus returned to the ether.

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